For our Toll Metal Incinerating Services, two lined,direct fire rotary incinerators are used by YS, Inc. in the reclaiming and recovery of valued metals. Currently, we have experience in reclaiming tungsten, nickel, cobalt, copper, and tantalum. Typically, we recover metals for processing facilities that use filtering devices, ring filters or filter press recovery. Small to large quantities are acceptable. Let us know how we can assist in your recovery needs by incineration today.

Metal Incinerating Service

For our Toll Calcination Services, YS, Inc. uses indirect fired rotary tube calciners with temperature capabilities of up to 1600°F. Feed rates and residence times are easily modified for optimal results. We have experience in the calcination of metals, particularly tin, cobalt, nickel and tungsten feed stocks. Packaging of the final product is typically, but not limited to, drums or super sacks. YS, Inc. has experience in processing materials ranging from ion exchange resins to metal oxides.

Toll Calcination Service

YS welcomes the opportunity to partner with you in sludge and by-product recovery. YS is currently working on expanding our services to assist in the recovery of production by-products to reduce landfilling. Depending on the moisture level and specifications of your material, we can optimize ways to dry or leach your by-product into a usable source. This helps you, your operation and our planet. Contact YS today for assistance in your calcining and incineration efforts.

ISO Certified 9001:2008 Company

Quality and service is our way of doing business.

Certified in October 1995, YS, Inc operates within the Quality Assurance Standards of ISO 9001, BSEN 9002, and ANSI/ASSOC Q9002-1994.

We are currently 9001:2008 certified and our quality system is annually audited by INTERTEK.

We provide ongoing services for some of the largest organizations in the world and welcome the opportunity to earn your business.



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