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YS, Inc. has provided ongoing dry and liquid chemical toll manufacturing services since 1982

YS, Inc. serves companies of all sizes in many industries with a primary focus in the chemical and agriculture sectors, domestically and internationally.

YS, Inc. was established in 1982 with the primary focus of offering a metal salt catalyst into the domestic and international marketplace. Since our founding, YS, Inc., has diversified into an experienced toll service provider in a variety of industry sectors and marketplaces.

Chemical and toll manufacturing services & capabilities

YS, Inc., has been an ISO certified organization since 1995. Certified to the ISO 9001:2015 standard by Intertek.

We have an onsite lab where we can perform testing supportive of our quality system and R&D services.

YS is unique in that we can either adapt your chemical product according to specifications you provide, or provide R&D support to help you modify your products for a specific purpose.

We support clients who need either batch quantities or continuous production of manufacturing.

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What makes YS, Inc. different

Our customers often tell us they wished they had found us sooner. They tend to stay with us long-term because of our commitment to service, reliability, quality and integrity. The YS leadership team consists of engineers and business managers equipped with more than 60 years of experience. The strength of our company is our employees who thrive on the honor of being a business partner with our valued customers.

We work with clients of all sizes from startups to established Fortune 500 companies.


We can provide R&D or pilot testing on a short term basis to determine viability.

Small to Midsize Industry

We work with dozens of small to midsize industries every year providing batch runs or continuous production.

Fortune 500 companies

We are capable of handling a wide range of volumes with growing abilities as we expand with the additions of rail and transloading services.