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YS – a leading provider in engineered process manufacturing

We serve companies of all sizes and types, located across the country and globally.


Providing Norfolk Southern railroad access with seamless solutions including bulk container transloading, warehousing, and drop shipping.

Calcining & Drying

Along with custom catalyst manufacturing, we offer rotary calcining and drying with a wide range of temperature capabilities.

Milling & Classification

Our hammer mills create high-shear and centrifugal forces to reduce a wide range of friable and non-friable materials in a contaminant-free environment.

Blending & Mixing

We give importance to your requirements by offering custom chemical mixing and blending services.

We are a global provider of custom catalyst manufacturing and toll processing services.

Since 1982, YS has provided engineered process manufacturing

with the primary focus of offering a metal salt catalyst into the domestic and international marketplace. Since our founding, YS, Inc., has diversified into an experienced toll service provider in a variety of industry sectors and marketplaces.