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YS, Inc is committed to serving our toll manufacturing clients while maintaining ethical standards in a safe, secure and environmentally-friendly facility.

We operate a closed production system that ensures zero exposure of the product to the atmosphere throughout the entire process. YS is flexible and can work with you on your material dispersion and particle size reduction needs as well as classification and screening. We provide support to help you determine the best specifications for your packaging and facilitate final distribution both domestic and international.


YS, Inc. commits to meet all environmental rules and regulations in the toll processing industry and strives to protect our environment through sound management practices and decisions.


At YS, Inc. we know that security is crucial to you – that’s why we maintain 24/7 monitoring on our facility along with gated entry.


We will continually improve our processes, promote comprehensive safety, and demonstrate leadership. We require individual responsibility, expect all employees to adhere to our safety standards, and support the advancement of our safety practices.